Project | 01 Behaviour Management

This is a sample course.

It is taken from a much longer course that I originally designed for education giant Pearson. 

Project | 02 Flipped Learning

My second sample course.

Again, taken from a much longer course that was designed to be used by educators.

Project | 03 Introduction to GCSE
This is a sample of my ID work.
If I am also building a course, I sometimes build a basic model using Articulate 360 so I can show the client exactly how the finished course will look.
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Project | 01

Project | 02

Project | 03

Project | 04

Project | 04 Series Consultant
This is a sample of work as series consultant.
This is a concept that I conceived and subsequently developed with Pearson. I am currently acting as series consultant on a wide range of resources.

Project | 05

Project | 05 Course Designer
This is a sample of work as course designer.
As part of my original Tutors' Guild concept in collaboration with Pearson, I created a number of online courses for  tutors.

Project | 06

Project | 06 Blended Learning
This is a sample of a blended learning project for GEMS.
For this project, I designed course materials to be used both in the classroom and online.

Project | 07

Project | 07 Personalised Learning
This is a sample of my ID work for Pearson.
This blended learning project was designed to be used by students in UK secondary schools.


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Agile PSM 1 Certification

Assessment Pack Maths

This is the Tutor Assessment Pack for maths, a series of completely customisable assessments for tutors. I acted as Series Consultant and created the original concept which has been developed in conjunction with Pearson.