Pearson 2017 – present day

  • Designing a variety of e-learning CPD courses for Assessment Associates

  • SME consultant, course content creator and designer

  • Working closely with in-house designers to follow house style

  • Creating a range of bespoke, interactive training materials that are both engaging and follow sound pedagogy based on 20 years teaching experience


Elektramedia / Pearson 2016 – present day

  • Creating a range of bespoke e-learning courses for tutors based on my own original concept

  • Acting as SME and content designer to meet the need of the end user

  • Acting as Series Consultant for a range of e-learning and print copy products and services

  • Responsible for reviewing curriculum content and functionality of a range new bespoke materials for tutors

  • Creating and maintaining excellent relationship with key stakeholders


Cambridge University Press 2016

  • Contributing to a series of text book resources for EFL learners

  • Engage with clients to understand user need

  • Proof reading / excellent understanding of spoken and written English

  • Acting as SME and author – explaining difficult concepts in a simple manner

  • Working closely with senior editors and designers


Gems Education 2016

  • Creating a blended learning solution for teachers and A - Level students

  • SME consultant, author and designer

  • Sourcing third-party texts and pictures

  • Creating both classroom materials and user guides 2012 – present day

  • Designing and creating a substantial body of classroom based resources for teachers

  • Manage the e-learning development lifecycle – acting as SME through to delivering content to end user

  • Using Articulate 360 to create classroom based lessons

  • Clear understanding of how to engage and inform the user through e-learning


Pearson 2011

  • Designing a variety of personalised learning packages for individual students

  • Acting as SME and author

  • Working closely with a range of editors and designers

  • Creating content to extremely tight deadlines and for very specific needs and learning outcomes




I have over 20 years of English teaching experience. This means I have sound understanding of pedagogy and creating content that both engages and has a lasting impact on results and outcomes. I have excellent spoken and written English skills and am a confident communicator with individuals at all levels.


Chelsea FC, Surrey (part time) 2012 – 2017


Raynes Park High School, Wimbledon (part time) 2014 – 2016


Ursuline High School, Wimbledon (part time) 2010 – 2013


Raynes Park High School, Wimbledon 2006 – 2010


Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College, Croydon 2002 – 2006


Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt 2000 – 2000


ADT College, Wandsworth 1997 – 1999


St. Andrew’s High School, Leatherhead 1995 – 1997

I am also a highly experienced senior examiner. I help to train other examiners and report upon their proficiency. This breadth of experience means I have extensive subject knowledge and can command the respect of other educational professionals. In addition, I am an external expert for Ofqual – chosen for my subject knowledge and examination experience.